Synergo delivers services in the field of project management, consultancy, engineering and industrial safety. Our technical people have a broad experience and expertise, and have the ability to think together with clients in the early stages of a project.


Project management

You can only get results in the food industry when you take it one step further than others and when dedicated people work on the project. They know how to make the difference, connect the players, join forces, help each other, continue to ask 'why' questions and are passionate, involved and focused. That is what Synergo does.

We stand for a clear and refreshing approach of projects in the food industry and use our own methodology: the Synergo Roadmap®. We prove that it can really be done differently. With expert advice and active project management we are your partner and also an extension of your organisation. We love to help you to successfully achieve your goals. Down-to-earth, no nonsense, but always efficient.       


Please contact Leo Lagendijk: +31 (0)6 46 37 22 56



Because we specialise in food we take advice to a higher level. Results can only be obtained in the food industry by giving solid advice in the different phases of a project. Decisions to be taken by the client are thoroughly prepared and documented by the Synergo consultants. For very specific matters Synergo uses a network of cooperation partners. This allows you to deliver the right solution for every challenge without excessive costs.

Consultancy may include:
•    feasibility studies;
•    logistics;
•    environmental permits;
•    energy studies.


Please contact Rien Melis +31 (0)6 118 605 81



To make multidisciplinary projects successful in the food industry you need smart and efficient designs. The Synergo engineers and draughtsmen are experts in functional design and in engineering intelligent, technical solutions.

The Synergo engineering results determine the basis of correct price setting and are the starting point for detailed engineering by contractors. This is how everyone does what he or she is good at and how a wonderful synergy is created.

The in-house disciplines include mechanical engineering, electrotechnology and industrial automation. For architectural design Synergo closely works together with specialised firms with which long-standing relationships exist.


Please contact Rien Melis: +31 (0)6 11 86 05 81


Industrial safety

Safety in projects and organisations transforms from background to forefront. Synergo has the knowledge about industrial safety and also applies it in practice.

There are several links between the different types of safety and these cannot be ignored. Synergo has broad knowledge about the partial areas and understands their interconnection. Our people have the knowledge and skills to translate abstract demands into practical solutions. This is what Synergo stands for: synergy between legislation, safety and practice.

Synergo advises about the following areas of expertise:
•    working conditions (arbo);
•    explosion safety;
•    fire safety;
•    machine safety;
•    electrical safety;
•    environmental permits;
•    storage of hazardous substances;
•    process safety.

Please contact Leo Lagendijk: +31 (0)6 46 37 22 56