New waste water treatment


Agristo B.V. | Tilburg

Project objective:

Agristo acquired the plant in Tilburg to achieve an accelerated growth of its market share in frozen potato products. Because the production volume had previously been tripled there was a need for a new water treatment system which would replace the old water treatment system.

Role of Synergo:

Project management for the selection and construction of a new anaerobe waste water treatment with buffer basins and mechanical pre-cleaning. Functional specifications were drawn up for the water treatment system. The strict, minimum requirements were defined; quantity and quality of the influent and effluent, preferred techniques for separation and thickening of suspended matter and the available room. The scope limits of influent, effluent and biogas were carefully determined. The functional specifications were entrusted to a renowned turnkey supplier of water treatment systems for budgeting and specifying the best available techniques. Simultaneously a general revision of the environmental permit was organised which also included all plans for the future of the Agristo production plant in Tilburg.