Improving the return of Pomuni Fresh


Pomuni Fresh | Ranst

Project objective:

Pomuni has several production sites in Belgium and France where potatoes are processed (washing, calibrating, sorting, packaging). The autonomous working methods of the different plants, which originated historically, must be changed to achieve more cooperation, standardisation and harmonisation between the different production sites with the aim to increase efficiency, quality and reduce costs.

Role of Synergo:

Investigation of the cost price structure and the strengths and weaknesses per production site. Further elaborate the recommendations from the investigation into result meters and bringers (KPIs); or determine the measuring locations and quantities to be measured in the production process and in the organisation aimed at comparing the performance of the different production sites. Development of certain calculation tools to unambiguously register qualities, volumes and costs. Support in the implementation of result meters and bringers and calculation tools in the Pomuni organisation.